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About Us

The Marlin del Rey Story

In 2006, there was a shift in the tides and one of the pioneers of Costa Rica tourism from the north decided that he would buy his business partner’s catamaran named Marlin del Rey. At this point there was not a plan for the catamaran, but it was coming to Playa Tamarindo from Playas del Coco the next morning. He was the new owner of a 66′ sailing catamaran that previously resided in the northern part of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. So what now?

During the 2 hour slow sail down the Pacific Ocean to Playa Tamarindo, Greg Ruzicka, called his nephew, Jeff Ruzicka, and asked him what they could do with the boat there. On the phone call they decided that since Jeff had been busy with the Tamarindo Vista Villas as the GM and had access to clients wanting to experience the ocean, why not do tours in the bustling surf town? Tamarindo was still a very small town with dirt roads and surf but with the arrival of the beautiful catamaran, it added a new feature to the area.

Things started off slow. The Catamaran took wear and tear and all the money that came into the business went into repairs and upgrades. The tour gradually began to have repeat clients and the equipment, service, food and drinks became known as the best in the business.

Just as the housing market crashed in the US in 2007, Marlin del Rey continued its progress to becoming the best tour on the water in Guanacaste. This was not an easy task since the economy in North America affects the tourism in Costa Rica. This also was about the same time that Liberia became an International Airport and a few direct flights would become a reality.

In 2010, Marlin del Rey was accommodating daily tours for both private groups and individual travelers on vacation to relax and the big decision became evident: Should we risk it or play it same?

It’s all about the risk!

New Marlin

As things were going as smoothly as they could in Costa Rica, Greg and Jeff decided to take the risk and purchase another catamaran and lay it all on the line. With the Liberia Airport and hotels sprouting up in northern Guanacaste, it was time to receive another boat to let the tourists enjoy up north what the surfers down south experienced. New Marlin was on its way.

Keeping things in the family, Greg enlisted a few other nephews to help out on this journey. Greg’s oldest nephew was waiting for his new job to become available so he decided to take what he thought was a vacation experience to ST. Croix to help two others sailing the New Marlin across the Caribbean to Colon, Panama. Let’s just say it was more of an experience than a vacation. The other nephew, Bret, went with Greg and Jeff to Colon, Panama and joined Bill and a couple of crew members to bring the boat through the Panama Canal and up to Costa Rica where she would be flagged and put to work.

New Marlin is a custom made 65′ Sailing Catamaran from the same builder of Marlin del Rey. There are many upgrades and changes that make it perfect for tours both private and open to individuals as well.

The journey lasted 10 days because Greg has been a resident in Costa Rica since 1988 and sailed both sides of Costa Rica, the Caribbean, and beyond, he tends to know everyone and needs to stop and say hello to them all. Bill needed to start his new job so he departed back to the US before the journey was over, but Bret continued on and joined the team in Playas del Coco where New Marlin now calls home since February 8, 2011.

The journey continues for Marlin del Rey Sailing Tours in Guanacaste and if you see any one in the family, ask them about their adventures when you are visiting Costa Rica.